Iphone 6S Plus Home Button Problems, Reasons and Solutions

The iPhone 6S Plus brings along the feature of touch ID or finger print sensor along with the Home Button. Generally issues with Home Button are because of software issues, so updating the software might resolve the issue else you the only option left is replacing the button. Another option to go with in case of Home Button issue is on-screen Home Button. Replacing this part will solve the intermittent issues with Home Button. You need to be extremely careful with the replacement of this part. One more thing to keep in mind is that touch ID is paired to logic board. So in case you are having Iphone 6S Plus home button problems you might not able to use fingerprint scanning in case you get the home button replaced.

Iphone 6S Plus Home button Problems

Some of the common iPhone 6S Plus Home Button Problems are:

  • The front of the home button getting disengaged from the button.
  • Home button not working 100% of the time.
  • Home button ribbon cable damaged while replacing screen.

How to maintain in future:

  • Cleaning the home button regularly to avoid dust or dirt trapping in the spaces in between.
  • Always remember to not to push the home button with a lot of force.
  • Keeping your iPhone in a case which protects both screen and home button from damage.
  • In case you are getting your iPhone’s screen replaced, ask the technician to be careful with ribbon cables of home button to avoid any damage to home button.
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