Iphone 4S Display Problems, Reasons and Solutions

IPhone 4S features a 3.50-inch touchscreen Retina HD display with a resolution of 640 x 960 pixels (326 ppi). The display consists of LCD and digitizer (touch screen) sandwiched together into a single assembly. The display comes with oleophobic coating which helps keeping fingerprint spots off of a glass panel. At times of iPhone 4S display problems, there could be problems with either the LCD or the touchscreen. Changing the whole display assembly unit is the only solution although there are crude methods of separating the touch screen and LCD and replacing just one of them.

This doesn’t guarantee same finish as the original screen and there will be visible differences in the quality of touchscreen. Now another cause for iPhone 4S display problems can be software bugs, so first thing you need to check is software update. If you continue to get issue with display, you might need to get it replaced.

iphone 4s display problems

Some of the common issues with iPhone 4S display are:

  • Touch screen breaking, usually when it falls on the edges rather on the surface.
  • Unresponsive screen, two highly possible causes are software issue or faulty cable connection of display with board.
  • Flickering of LCD or lines appearing on the LCD even though the touch works fine.
  • Ghost touching, screen getting into active state by itself and auto operating performing random operations while the phone lies on a surface.
  • Proximity sensor not working properly while on call which results in keys getting pressed when on call.
  • Colorful vertical lines showing up on screen after water contingence.

How to maintain in future:

  • Adding a glass protector to your screen won’t change your everyday experience that much. Using your phone still feels nice, and now your screen is protected from scratches and the impact damage when dropping the phone.
  • Ghost flickering can be caused by faulty cable connections. Make sure the cables are properly folded, not pinched or cracked.
  • If you are someone who drops phone more often, get a case which has some part of its frame above the screen.
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