Iphone 4S Connector Problems, Reasons and Solutions

The Apple iPhone 4S features dock connector which is a 30 pin connector. Unlike the newer versions of iPhone, iPhone 4S dock connector has single functionality of charging the phone. If you are getting any of iPhone 4S connector problems, check this article.

iphone 4s connector problems

Some of the common issues with iPhone 4S related to parts are:

  • An error message appears “This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone”. This happens when Lightning connector of the iPhone has dirt, lint, or damaged pins.
  • Flickering screen when iPhone plugged into charging cable.
  • iPhone not charging.
  • Charging the phone working only when iPhone aligned in particular way.
  • Distorted audio through headphones.
  • Failure of headphones detection.
  • USB cable no longer recognizing iPhone 4S.
  • Broken pin in the connector.

How to maintain in future:

  • Avoid using duplicate cables to charge your iPhone and use original one.
  • Clean the dock connector very carefully with a tooth pick or soft toothbrush to clean the dust trapped.
  • Keep your iPhone away from wet surfaces, as water may enter through grills causing problem with these parts.
  • Clean the port by rubbing a cloth with little bit of alcohol.
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